Moove – a technology to use your phone withouth touching

Have gone over three years from the sale of the first multi-touch device from Apple. In recent years its competitors have not yet developed a similar technology, despite the numerous patents filed. A weak solution before and in fact has been made in recent days and was developed by Eyesight Mobile Technologies. Everything is solved using software for Symbian, to be exact only works with Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. The application is called Moove and you can find it in the Ovi Store. By using the camera in your device and a technology called Touch Free Interface, the device can understand the commands given by the user’s hand.

So to go from one track to another is enough to move the hand up or down, to stop it just make the stop sign and so on. Certainly not as fast as the multi-touch, but it is a technology available now.

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