Meizu released a public beta of Ice Cream Sandwich for MX and M9

Meizu MX
Meizu MX


We hadn’t heard any news about Meizu – the Chinese company, which became famous for their iPhone copy, for quite a while now. The company’s last device was the Meizu MX, which was released earlier this year and at the time, it was running Android 2.3.5 and there were vague  promises about a possible update to Ice Cream Sandwich. It seems, though, that the owners of the Meizu MX are in for a pleasant surprise – the update to Android 4.0 (4.0.3 to be exact) is already out for their devices.

Not only that, but Meizu have even released it for another one of their smartphones – the Meizu M9. Now we should say, that at this point, the software is still in a beta state, but compared to some (more powerful) models from other, established manufacturers, which haven’t yet received such an update, Meizu are doing very well.

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