Intel’s first 14nm chip won’t be used in a processor

Intel 4G LTE chip
Intel 4G LTE chip


According to recent information from a trusted source, Intel’s first chip, manufactured using 14nm technology, won’t be found in a processor, but instead, it’s going to be used in a 4G LTE chip, which is going to be very energy efficient, something, which is becoming more and more important for modern-day mobile device manufacturers.

Nowadays such devices tend to be very power-hungry, which causes manufacturers to either put bigger batteries, until they find a way to make their products more efficient. Such is the case with the new iPad 3, which is thicker than its predecessor, because of its larger battery, which was necessary because of the 4G capabilities, so you can see why companies, like Intel, are trying to make 4G chips more efficient. The first samples of Intel’s revolutionary chip should be ready by the Summer of 2013. B. A.

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