HTC Touch Diamond vs Diamond 2 photo review


The increased screen size of the updated model is mainly due to the added length of the display. Their widths are identical but the WVGA (800 x 480) resolution of the Diamond 2 (up from the Diamond’s VGA screen) means it’s longer and thus able to show more information in one screen.


Notice the flat back of the Diamond 2? Looks like the prism design wasn’t popular enough to make a comeback.


The Diamond 2 is quite a bit thicker than the original. One thing that didn’t change is that you get only a single mini-USB port for charging, syncing and connecting a wired headset.


Another comparison shot to show the difference in thickness.


The original Diamond came with 4GB of built-in storage but no expansion slot. The Diamond 2, on the other hand, won’t come with any internal storage but it can accept microSD cards so you can boost the memory up to 16GB.

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