HTC to release the first in the world Windows Mobile phone with multitouch

HTC wants to pull it off much earlier than everybody thinks…

HTC plans to release its first phone with multitouch without waiting for Microsoft to release Windows Mobile 7!

It will look like this and while it will be powered by Windows Mobile 6.5.x it will have capacitive display and support of multitouch but only in selected programs – exactly like it is with HTC Hero. Although Google Android does not support multitouch in operating system itself, HTC has managed to implement multitouch in Android-powered HTC Hero (see also our video review of multitouch in HTC Hero). How HTC managed to pull it off? By implementing their own layer of software that is detecting multitouch events and passing them on to some (selected) Android applications.

The same will be with the first Windows Mobile phone with multitouch: it will be powered by Windows Mobile 6.5.x that doesn’t support multitouch at all but thanks to HTC’s extensions it will support multitouch in selected programs (like Opera Mobile, Adobe PDF reader, etc.).

While this kind of multitouch support is not what we all want (we need native support for multitouch in operating system, so that developers could make multitouch apps that handle more multitouch events than “zoom in” and “zoom out” – example: multitouch gaming), this will be very good first foray of Windows Mobile into multitouch waters, where already now some other players swim: Apple iPhone, Palm Pre and HTC Hero…

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