HTC Droid Incredible

This is one of the best-selling mobile phones in the U.S. HTC Droid Incredible. According to its name, this phone comes with an incredible capability, among others, with an attractive appearance and also AMOLED display capable of producing stunning graphics. Droid Incredible is basically a CDMA version of HTC Desire / Nexus One. So you do not have to wonder if the physical design is generally similar to the Nexus One Desire as well. Besides differences in the ability of network access, a fundamental difference between these two features of this phone lies in his camera. HTC Droid Incredible is equipped with 8 Mp cameras, while the Nexus One and Desire only equipped with 5 Mp cameras.

Other differences, HTC Droid Incredible use navigation technology with optical mouse, while the Nexus One still use a trackball technology. As mobile Blackberry, HTC seems to be migrating from the trackball navigation technology to the optical technology, where the previous version of the HTC, and the HTC Desire Legend already using the “optical navigation” technology.

HTC Droid Incredible run with the Android operating system version 2.2 Froyo, and using the display Sense who has been in upgrading their capabilities, so that the navigation process can be much easier to do. Another thing to be superior from HTC Droid Incredible is the hardware support is used, where this phone is using High Processor Qualcomm’s Snapdragon-powered 1 GHz, so the instruction of the system can respond faster. To perform the interaction with some social networking sites, this phone has been equipped with the feature “Friend Stream ‘, so you can interact directly with your existing account at twitter, FACEBOOK, FLICKR, and several other similar sites.

When 5 Mp cameras has become the standard for high-end mobile phones, HTC Droid Incredible emerged with more modern technology, where the phone is already equipped with cameras that have a higher resolution, i.e. 8 Mp. Images produced by this phone is very clear and distinct, although the shooting is done outdoors. Whereas for an indoor shooting this phone are perfect results. Besides, the Droid Incredible camera can also be used to make video recordings though not yet able to produce HD quality video.

For some of the features and other facilities, Droid Incredible already comes with several applications that are integrated, including G-mail, Google Talks, YOUTUBE, Twitter, Footprints, and also Geo-Tagging application. And if you want some additional applications, you can download in the Android Market site.


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