HTC Diamond2 (HTC Topaz) WM6.5.5 custom ROM

This is the latest WM6.5.5 custom ROM from XDA-Developers for HTC Diamond2 (HTC Topaz).

What’s new:

  • Build 23541 added to the mix!
  • Twitter tab replaced for better landscape support
  • Rhodium Manila cooked in for more speed
  • HSDPA/HSUPA back in “Advanced Network” control applet
  • Some settings shortcuts in Settings\System optimized. Won’t see them in the “all programs” list anymore
  • Optimized icon placement on Sense slider
  • Added “name of day” on top of calendar icon in the slider
  • BsB tweaks icon blue and nag removed# RSS Hub updated to 2_1_2_1109_01
  • New version of Arkswitch in 23541 ROMs
  • Added nicely skinned TCPMPv2
  • Added Office 2010
  • Speed of Sense2.5 increased considerably
  • Switched to 7zip compression for the ROM releases, so get 7zip or a newer version WinRAR to unpack them!

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