How to transfer Angry Birds saves from one phone to another

It is clear that you can download or install Angry Birds again, but if all the levels that you have passed are gone and you do not want to play them again – here’s the guide, remember this is only for Android devices!

1. Install the game to your old and new phone, then install Angry Birds Rio backup.

2. You need to play one level from the new phone and then do the backup, also do the backup and on the old phone.

3. With file manager (ES File Manager, Astro, or otherwise) go to the folder with the backup (it will be the name of the program for backup). There are two files, on the new phone delete these two files in the folder and then copy the files from the old phone.

4. Start again the backup program and select restore. (If there is no saves, exit from the game and login again).

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