How to skip the bloat – HTC Fuze

1.Wait for the tap here to customize.
2.Go through the screen alignment
3 skip or set pass word.
4.When it says your done and tap the screen to start WM get ready to reset
5. The absolute second you touch the screen(use your finger and have your stylus ready by the reset hole) hit the stylus reset. (if you see customization start your too late and must start over)(hard reset by holding volumedown and the button in the center of the scroll wheel while pressing the stylus reset)
6. When your device starts TF3d will NOT be in your today Items
7.Go to today settins and disable everything
8.Use file explorer to go to windows and find PT_Manila_Reg .cab and run it
9.Run the Opera cab called (only WM6_PPC_HT… shows up in File Explorer) or you won’t have the Opera browser.

You now have no bloat and TF3D!
You must also install the opera cab in windows for the internet tab to work.

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