GPS Mod Driver – Lag fix, geo caching fix, hardware compass support for Windows Mobile devices

This Driver installs between your gps applcation and the GPSID driver that reads the hardware gps data.
Lag is compensated, by guessing your position ‘some number’ of milliseconds in the future, current course and speed changes are included in the guess.
It corrects for invalid data in the gps strings, Out of range DOP values, and Heading values of ‘NaN’ (Not A Number).
Position, Speed, and course are reported, even though the distance traveled is less than 30 meters.

(Full Change log on post 2 below)

Driver automatically assigns itself to a free COM port on installation – Should be safe for ALL Devices.


– Install the driver cab, change your application to the indicated port, instead of the original com port.

– Run GpsModSetup (found in start), you will see live gps data from the ModDriver on the main page. Setup updates values to the driver, or causes it to re-load if required.

If you scroll near the bottom, while the sip is up, and then close the sip, you can no longer scroll back to the top, scroll back up before closing the sip.

Menu/Select Profile: to use a preset setup, Save will update driver to use new profile, Undo will discard your choice.

Menu/System: to change the values used by ModDriver, and even the GPSID port and enable status.
Close the settings screen with ‘Save’ or ‘Quit’, quit will undo your changes to this screen.

EnableLogs: Write log information to “\Mach2003\ModDriver.txt”, Extended Logs includes way more detailed information.

Smooth (+500ms), enables the driver to insert an extra gps data string at LagAdvance +500 ms to smoothen out the map display.

SleepTime: Number of milliseconds to wait for good data, before returning an empty buffer.

Be very careful changing either of the ports, you may need a factory (HARD) reset if you change a port to one that is already in use!

Menu/Exit – No Update, exit app without updating driver with current profile changes.

Menu/{profile name}: (checked is currently select profile) There are two profiles you can edit to change the values for the selected profile. ‘Save’ to commit to profile registry, ‘Undo’ to revert to last saved values.

‘Save’ Or ‘Exit’ Or ‘OK’ buttons (on main screen): to save the changes you have made to the Registry, and update the driver with current profile. Settings app will close.

Name: Used for profile selection and display (alters the names on menu and selection screens)
DeltaDistance: Meters times 10 to update course and speed (20 = 2.0 meters)
DeltaTime: milliseconds to update course and speed

DeltaSpeed: kph times 10 to update LadAdvance position (5 = 0.5 kph)
LagAdvance: Number of milliseconds to project your position into the future

Speed Fix: Allow the driver to correct speed + Average Speed
Course Fix: Allow the driver to correct Course, + Average Course
EnableDop: Allow the driver to correct bad dop values

DeltaDistance and DeltaSpeed are multiplied by current HDOP value to account for poor reception.
At Delta Speed * 2, the GPS calculated speed and course are sent to the GPS application un-altered to provide smooth values

There are also a couple of shortcuts attached. You can copy them to start menu, or to app keys to assign to a hardware button. is the raw driver dll only for use if you have upgrade troubles, copy and paste it to teh \windows folder on teh device.

Download and more info

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