Google Android on HTC Tytn II (Kaiser)

Sure we all want to get our hands on a final release of Google’s Android, but until the official release date we have XDA-Developers. Thanks to some crafty hands over at XDA-Developers we now bring you some impressive video footage showcasing the HTC Kaiser (Tilt, TyTN II, 8925) running full blown Android on top of a cooked Windows Mobile 6.1 build.  The credit for the ROM craftsmanship goes to Dutty who has been the leader in TyTN ROM cooking over on the xda forums and has proven once again that the TyTN II is the device of choice in the Windows Mobile arena.

Booting Google Android
1. Goto: Start -> Programs -> Accessories -> Android.
2. Pres: Listen for network connection. Meanwhile also press run (Doing this makes Android boot most of the time).
3. Google Android is now booting or you’re Kaise freezes.
4. Have fun or Soft-Reset!

For download links and more information go to xda-developers thread here.


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