Engine diagnostics with OBDKey Bluetooth for Windows Mobile devices

OBDKey makes the connection between your car and your own computer (PC, PDA, Palm or mobile phone) so you can see what is happening inside yours car’s electronic systems.

OBDKey uses your Windows PC, Pocket PC, Palm handheld or mobile phone computer to provide a flexible vehicle testing tool using the computing power you already own.

The software supplied on the CD-ROM with the OBDKey vehicle interface is simple to install, simple to manage and understand, and provides powerful insights to the workings of your vehicle’s electronic systems.

All the software is supplied is included on a CD-ROM with the OBDKey unit at no extra cost and with no on-going costs. Support and updates will be provided from this web site for the OBDKey vehicle interface.

Bluetooth Car Kit

OBDKey is shipped with vehicle diagnostic software applications for mobile phones, handheld computers and portable computers.

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