Bolt 2.5 – the fastest mobile browser now compatible with HTML 5

For the third consecutive year, Bitstream is in the Mobile World Congress taking its stand on a mobile browser capable of competing with the most famous and popular mobile browser – Opera.

Bolt is an excellent browser for mobile devices and smartphones, capable of giving a rich browsing experience with its many features . Bolt software is based on Java technology and at the Mobile World Congress was presented version 2.5.

The new one feature is geolocation, the technology that is going to make success during this year (and especially) with social networking. Also the new version of Bolt supports HTML 5, which was introduced in the previous version 2.1, now its further enhanced by the new WebKit 5 engine (one server that renders the whole information), allowing the playback of multimedia content and more.

Bolt browser can be downloaded for free at the official page here.

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