ASUS P525 Windows Mobile 6.5.3 custom ROMS (latest OS build – 23518 & 28205)

Bootloader version should be updated to 070518180359 – if you did not do that prior flashing – you will definitely kill your device!!!

WM 6.5 CE.OS 28205
Windows CE: 5.2 Build 5205 (December 23, 2009. 15:53:49)…alaxy_28205.7z Included: Office 2010 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), MyPhone, ShowcaseSuite, Resco software, RemoteDesktopMobile.…28205_Empty.7z Empty (No Titanium, old-fashioned Lockscreen, no Games)

WM 6.5 CE.OS 23518
Windows CE: 5.2 Build 4510 (December 17, 2009. 15:53:41) COM5 Updated version January 24, 2010…xy_23518_v2.7z Included: Office 2010 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), ShowcaseSuite, Resco software 2010, RemoteDesktopMobile.…23518_Empty.7z Empty (No Titanium, old-fashioned Lockscreen, no Games)

Many applications like WisBar or other interface tweakers and knick-knackers DON’T work properly with the new SYS.

How to update Bootloader – copy BootGalaxy.NB0 to the root of your Storage Card, connect adapter and push Record+Rese.

How to unlock Language ID – copy ASUSUnlockLangID.exe to your device (does not matter – SD or main memory) and run it. Updating Bootloader can completely brick your device if done incorrectly!!!

How to update the rom: even if you upgrade from WWE – please run LanguageUnlockID utility or use Force Mode (camera+power+reset).

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