Alternative ways to use your iPad

Believe it or not, people are using the iPad in ways which are hard to believe!

1) Surgery Assistant

Doctors in Japan are using the iPad as a virtual assistant to conduct complex surgeries. The iPad screen displays every minute detail of the surgery and can even be hooked up to CT scan devices.

2) Kitchen Cabinet

If cooking bores you, stick up an iPad on your kitchen cabinet. Listen to your favorite songs or watch your favorite videos as you cook meals or do the dishes. Watch the latest news or learn new recipes through a few gentle taps on your iPad touchscreen.

3) Magic Box

The iPad seems to be a bit hit with magicians. With smart moves and the iPad’s sleek display, you can do a number of tricks to impress people. There are plenty of interesting iPad apps to help you learn magic and deceive people as well.

4) iPad Skateboard

This definitely has to be the most out-of-the-box idea on how you can use (and screw) your iPad. Turn it into a skateboard. Definitely not recommended for users who love their iPad.

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