A Google Reader RSS app for Windows Phone 7

G:RSS is a Google RSS Reader Application for Windows Phone 7 (WP7) from nowsci.com. It is a full featured application containing most of the features of the web-based reader, including pre-buffering of subscription items for instantaneous access, even over a cell connection.  Features include:

  • Full access to labels, feeds, and all starred or unread items
  • Pre-buffering of articles as you read, just like the web version of Google Reader, to keep things moving without delay
  • Marking items, feeds, or labels read and unread
  • Starring your favorite items
  • Instant synchronization with your Google Reader account
  • Support for WP7 system themes (Added 2010-06-23)
  • Ability to show teasers in item list screen (Added 2010-06-23)
  • Sliding transitions when moving between items (Added 2010-06-23)

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