15 DoFollow Forums For Blog Traffic Building

Joining in forums has many benefits not only for ordinary bloggers but most especially to web marketers, small internet business owners, service providers and entrepreneurs. It opens up many opportunities from driving traffic to our sites, meeting new acquaintances and business contacts and for getting free advertisement. It is a great place to hang-out to entertain your day and to learn new things and information on the new ways to make money online. There are thousands of forums online, each with a different niche. We have baby and parenting, for sports enthusiasts, movies and entertainment, webmaster forums and many more.

We always hear about dofollow and nofollow forums. This is popular most especially to bloggers and webmasters. Many people say that dofollow forums are more useful and mostly preferred than nofollow. These sites do bring many benefits especially for our blogs.

So, what are dofollow and nofollow forums? Is there a difference?

DoFollow is the term used when a blog doesn’t contain a “nofollow” tag in a link in your blog. Links that contain a nofollow tag are not counted as valid backlinks by Google including other search engines. This is not good for your blog as even though you have thousands of links from comments in other blogs, forum signatures and many others, but if majority of them are no-follow, this won’t bring any help. Your pagerank won’t be as high as those with similar number of links with mostly dofollow backlinks.

NoFollow tags were created in order to minimize the inserted links on blogs, also on the comments created by visitors. It also prevents spammers from flooding your blog comments section. This is very beneficial to the blog owner to minimize spammers but not good if you want to increase backlinks to your blog.

Posting in forums is one of the most popular ways to drive traffic to your sites. However, you have to make sure that the forum you are participating with is a dofollow forum or else your hard work is gone to waste. Below are 15 Dofollow forums where you can join and create as many posts as you can to pass link juice to your sites.

Digital Point – is the most popular forum online for internet marketers, webmasters and bloggers. It does not only increase your blog’s traffic and backlinks through their forum signatures and profile pages but the site also provides you a great opportunity to earn online. You can always get a job from their marketplace. The services section has varied jobs from article writing, forum poster, blog commenter, and many more. You can always sell a website or a domain name and expect many replies from buyers. A sale usually gets closed in a day or two. The contents section is a great place for people who are passionate to write. You can sell your pre-written articles on this category.

VBulletin, Sitepoint, Webmaterstalk, Namepros and Warrior Forum – these forums function similarly to Digital Point. They have different categories for all webmasters. The marketplace is also similar to Digital Point’s.

Other do-follow forums are:


Hundreds of forums are being created monthly. Next to blogging, forums are very important in link building and traffic building to earn money. Many successful bloggers were able to improve their pageranks in just a few months of participating in forums. The higher the pagerank a site has, means it has higher number of daily and monthly visitors too. There are thousands of forums online that are not listed here. It is best to make a complete list of all of them and to start registering and posting. If you are a blogger or a business site owner, it will bring many great benefits.

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