Zune HD 16 GB and 32 GB gets priced, launching soon


Having recently cleared the FCC, the Zune HD will arrive in 16 GB and 32 GB offerings for $220 and $290 respectively. Microsoft’s aggressive pricing will price the Zune HD under Apple’s comparable iPod Touch, which has been leading the touch-based flash music player segment at $200 and $400 for the same respective capacities. The Zune HD will best the iPod with 720p HD video out via the capable docking port, a feature that was demoed at GDGT in San Francisco. Moreover, having hands-on time with the material and size of the Zune HD, I can attest that the device feels nicer than the iPod equivalent.The Zune HD will be a close cousin to Windows Mobile device. WMPowerUser has found that the core OS powering the Zune HD will be none other than Windows CE; Windows CE also powers Windows Mobile, with the visual elements of Windows Mobile serving essentially as Microsoft’s smartphone UI on top of the CE base. Rumors have it that the Zune HD operates on Windows CE 7.

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