Youtube app for Android, now with VEVO support

Here is the new update for one of the most popular mobile applications and used by many group of users, of all types and ages. Let’s talk about Youtube app for Android, a Google Video service that for years has topped the charts for data traffic and access from mobile browsers. Now, this mobile media services for smartphones and feature phones are pre-installed on each device.

The new Youtube updated version by Google for Android now offers a new priority channel through which you can enjoy the view of music videos. Also interesting features about the biography of the artist, accessible under the same content and the ability to find similar artists.

The new Youtube application will be on the next Android 2.3 phones like Nexus S. It is a clear attempt to Google wanted to differentiate his offering, turning their attention to the entertainment through collaborations such as this with the service VEVO (headed by the three major music companies). At the moment it seems that the news are not available for all compatible devices, what do you think?

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