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Do you hope your mobile phone supports existing software just like an embedded computer?
With xpPhone, you can do it! With the patented technology of Free Core Series, xpPhone can run the Windows XP Embedded operating system. You can install existing software you want on this global biggest application software platform, so as to facilitate your work, life, entertainment and study etc., and save your trouble to carry an embedded computer weighing over 1 kg!

In general, the battery life of laptop computer or Netbook can only last for 2-3 hours. Adopting ultra-low power consumption technology, xpPhone can maintain long battery life, which lasts for 7 hours with standard battery and 12 hours for large-capacity battery. Meanwhile, its continuous talk time is up to 5 hours even with a standard battery, and its standby time reaches up to 5 days.

xpPhone smartly introduces the double-thumb input method, just like Game-boy and PSP. Its ergonomic QWERTY keyboard, unique smartlock technology (compound lock technology of Ctrl, Fn, Alt, Shift ), standard numeric keys, function keys, left/right button and touchpad mouse enable you to choose various input methods, such as 5-stroke input, Chinese Pinyin input method, Chinese handwriting input, and Google Chinese Pinyin input method etc., so that your typing speed can be increased by 3-5 times vs. common mobile phones. After one week’s use, your touch typing speed on xpPhone can reach about 90% of that on a desktop computer. Do you want to have a try and how fast can you type?

The patented technology of xpPhone firstly integrates the functions of mobile phone and embedded computer into xpPhone. After inserting the SIM card, you can make calls or send/receive messages with it like a normal mobile phone; meanwhile, it enables video call and MSN/SKYPE/QQ VoIP service, so that you can communicate with friends for free!

Read more at: http://www.xpphone.com

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