XAP apps for HD2 with WP7

HTC apps for HTC HD2 WP7, to install XAP you need:

Windows Phone 7 SDK
– Chevron Unlocker  and Tom XAP Installer

Your HD2 is exactly like a WP7 HTC device, you can apply registry tweak and use all apps and games.

  • HTC Connection Setup
  • Flashlite
  • Sound Enhancer
  • Photo Enhancer
  • TouchXplorer
  • Attentive Phone
  • Stocks
  • Youtube
  • Samsung Now Hub 1.13
  • LG Voice To Text
  • ScanSearch
  • AdvancedConfig beta
  • BatteryTool
  • chaosHUD
  • ChevronWP7.Ringtones
  • CustomTheme
  • FileSystemBrowser
  • RegisterEdit
  • RegistryViewer
  • StopWatch
  • TAmaps
  • TouchXplorer
  • wp7-googlemaps

Add this registry entries to show HTC Apps in the Marketplace (this will not fix live error!). Your Phone will be identified as an HTC HD7!


 "MODeviceName"="HD7 T9292"
 "FriendlyName"="HTC HD7"


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