Writing Software In A Fast Moving Competitive Market

The need for speed in the world of software production is paramount. The time taken from inception to completion is critical especially in this world of fast moving innovations. What was new and innovative yesterday is often obsolete and defunct tomorrow. The initial flurry of activity around the time of the design brief is more often than not followed by a period of ever slower micro processes that are essential but suffer from the chain of command and bureaucracy that surrounds in house development. This can lead to an almost catastrophic breakdown in the production process.

There is however a way for many companies to avoid this issue. That is the process of software outsourcing. When one engages an outside firm to take on the whole project there is an initial period of intense activity where the design brief and criteria are constructed and dissected. This is more crucial than when doing an in house development project. The need for absolute clarity and definition of all aspects of the software functionality is paramount as once handed over, apart from the liaison meetings, the project is out of the hands of the initiating company. This is the most exciting part of software outsourcing; the release of resources back into the company’s other functions.

The most important part of selecting the outsourcing company is its development criteria. Many companies do things in their ‘own’ way. Tthis is not necessarily for the best. Controlling the process in an efficient manner is the only way to adequately evaluate the project’s progression. This is best done using lean management principles. The output from companies using this type of management system is invariably of a more efficient and productive product. Thus the project moves away from an abstract ‘software’ development project and becomes a lean software process that is quantifiable and definable at all stages. The initiating company will get a more efficient and faster production process ending with software that is devoid of waste and irrelevant routines and sub-routines. Suaju.com are experts at lean software outsourcing

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