WM6.5 Titanium program – JMLPanex

JMLPanex program (JML Panel Execute) allows multiple hotspots on a plugin (-> Association picture/program).

Search algorithm :
1 – When clicked on panel, a plugin launch (via [ACTIONURL]) JMLPanex.exe passing as parameter the name of the plugin and page number (eg. “JMLToday PageN”)
2 – JMLPanex :
— get the coordinates of the click (x,y)
— get the .CPR file corresponding to the content of “Software\\Microsoft\\CHome\\CPRFile” and actual resolution (eg. “Titanium” + 480 + 640 for Diamond VGA)
— search in .CPR file, the Layer of the plugin (eg JMLTodayExpanded)
— for each <Image …> of Layer
——- verify if (x,y) is in image rectangle and get ID
——- verify if ID is in good Page (-> “Software\\Microsoft\\CHome\\plugin_name\\PageN\\ID” and it’s value is not NULL (nothing or “” or “…null.png”)
——- verify if ID is in PNX file in the good [PageN] section

— if OK : run associate program
— if KO :
——- get “default” program in PNX file in the [PageN] section
——- if “default” does not exist : get “Software\\Microsoft\\CHome\\plugin_name\\PageN\\ACTIONURLPNX”
——- run program

Installation instructions :
– First
If not yet, install MortScript v4.2 -> *Mortscript site*
– Second
Install CAB file
– Third
Launch JMLPanexForPlugin.mscr to associate JMLPanex to a plugin.

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