WM6.5 Titanium Artesea Twm6.5r



  • Displays the 10 most recent tweets on your Titanium Home Screen (value customisable)
  • Highlights “unread” tweets
  • Shows the last 3 @replies (value customisable)
  • Displays the avatars of your friends
  • Allows you to update your status
  • Tweets which contain URLs can be launched in the Default Browser by clicking on them
  • Define your own Twitter client/webpage to launch
  • Auto updates during the day (you choose the frequency and the hours)
  • Tweets at you when there is a new tweet from your friends.

Upgrade Instructions

  • Download the latest ZIP
  • Run Install.mscr
  • When prompted if you want it to Modify your CPR files say no (no changes here, and if you are using a custom theme it won’t damage it).

The software is just a series of MortScripts.
The download ZIP file contains MortScript-4.3b5-PPC.cab for you, so if you don’t already have Mort you will need to install this first.
The just run Install.mscr via any good file manager.

The Install script will download the latest package, create all the directories, modify the registry and if you let it tweak your CPR files.
If anything goes wrong you can find a backup of your CPR file in \Program Files\ArteseaTwitter\


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