WM6.5 Manila ROM for TMN Silverbelt and ZTE-W x60 / ZTE Raise

1. All surveys were made on the basis of the TMN Silverbelt firmware B08 and ChinaUnicom ZTE-W x60 firmware B02.
2. If your device bricked, you can try to flash it by original flashers (B05 or B08). I’ve flashed my ZTE Raise hundreds of times – bootloader still alive.
3. ZTE Raise (ZTE-W x60) is differs from TMN Silverbelt by hardware. ZTE Raise have 3.2mpx back camera without flash, front camera for videocalls and have no WIFI. TMN Silverbelt have WIFI, 5.0mpx back camera with flash and have no front camera. ZTE-W x60 is made for ChinaUnicom, and Silverbelt – for Portuguese TMN. You should understand that I have ZTE-W x60. So I can’t test TMN camera and WIFI.

1. Before you flash this ROM, make sure you know how to recover from a non-booting ROM or to original ROM!
2. I accept no responsibility for bricked or network-locked devices or any other problems!
3. Please, read instruction in downloaded package and post below.
4. I strongly recommend first flash phone with TMN’s B08 firmware before using this firmware.
5. After every flashing you MUST perform a hard reset!

Original thread and info – click here.

Additional downloads:
Drivers for ZTE flasher. You will need it, if you never flash TMN’s firmware.

TouchPal input from TMN firmvare B08.

HTC EZ Input 2.1. If you need EZInput for Clean ROM – here is it:

QuickGPS from TMN firmvare B08.

Chinese Font support from ZTE-W x60.

Chinese Input support from ZTE-W x60. Have little bug in appearance (because designed for WM6.5 with upper Start Button).

Video Call Dialer from ZTE-W x60.

TMN’s Configuration Manual. GPRS, E-Mail and so on…

TMN’s GPRS Settings from TMN firmvare B08. Maybe this cab works…

WindowsLive and Messenger. From build 23563.

Microsoft MyPhone and Marketplace. From build 23563.

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