WM6.5.5 custom ROM for Toshiba TG01 (Build 23563) + Sense 2.5

Debranded TG01 Orange UK ROM + Manila Sense 2.5 inside.

How-to flash instructions – here.

What’s new in this ROM:

- Manila Sense 2.5 updated to 2012-1412
- Manila Landscape Enabled!
- Manila Album and Slideshows Fixed!
- Manila Weather now works properly.
- Manila Facebook Tab Added
- Manila Notification Area is Back.
- Manila SMS client it's working properly now.
- Manila eReader TAB its gone.
- ArkSwitch task manager replaces touch task manager 
(touch the top left corner to open it, or start menu-tools-arkswitch).
- Added HTC Calculator. 
(Maybe you need to copy HTCCalculator.lnk from windows folder to start Menu)
-The Condor Theme isn't set inside the ROM and the icons 
have no color now. You can install the cabs if you want to.

ROM / RAM information:

Total: 237.28 MB
In use: 28.56 MB
Free: 208.72 MB

Total: 212.11 MB
In use: 150.00 MB
Free: 62.11 MB


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