Windows Phone 8 details

Windows Phone 8 concept preview
Windows Phone 8 concept


Recently, a lot of information was leaked about the future of Windows Phone and what the Apollo update is going to bring – things like support for dual-core processors and external memory cards, more display resolutions, NFC, integration with Skype and so on and now we’ve found out a couple of things about the future of the manufacturers, which are going to make Windows Phone devices. According to DigiTimes, the only “big” manufacturer to keep selling Windows Phone devices is going to be Nokia with the rest sticking to their other platforms – Android, Bada, etc.

Nokia Lumia series running Windows Phone
Nokia Lumia series


However, a few of the former smartphone manufacturers, such as HP, Acer and Dell may return to the business and become partners with Microsoft once again. Another interesting rumors is that after the Tango update (expected in a couple of months) there will be another one, called Tango 2 and Apollo is going to come after it – in the end of the year. This means that we can expect the first Windows Phone 8 devices in the beginning of 2013. B. A.

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