Windows Phone 7 WVGA WAD theme

Another great Windows Phone 7 WAD theme for WVGA devices by rajivshahi, create a folder in the root of your Storage Card and name it skin. extract the wadesktop file to this folder ( click wadesktop file and select “ Storage Card\skin” for extraction)… so that you will have “ Storage Card\skin\windows Phone 7″… then extract the contents of skin.rar to “Storage Card\skin\windows Phone 7”

to utilize the theme properly… please install mortscript and message2reg into your device memory….

the icons on music page links to following folders so make 7 folder inside “Storage Card\My Music\**” and name them
1> B metal
2> country
3>H metal
7> Thrash

and 2 folder inside “Storage Card\My Videos\**” and name them
2> Music

to add apps, contact and games just click the add button or same page and choose the place 1~9… 1 is the first left on the top and 9 is the last right on the bottom.. choose a png from anywhere in your device and choose a link to program (.lnk) and enjoy…


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