Windows Phone 7 – the 7 features to hate

After reviewing the individual aspects and he summarized the seven positive features of Windows Phone 7 , today we see the seven features to hate of the new OS from Microsoft. To do so, again, I am inspired by the list compiled by IntoMobile, confirming my feelings about it. But first, let me remind you all my analysis:

Lack of copy / paste

Well, for the moment lacks the copy / paste in Windows Phone 7. This is a very important feature that all other mobile platforms have a long time (think of Symbian), others less (IOS), but nevertheless I find it indispensable in a smartphone that is also aimed at business customers. We think of when we receive an email address or a phone number and we can not copy it: very unnerving. Microsoft has promised integration in early 2011 via a software update. Until then, it will remain a gap that frankly I can not explain.

No real multi-tasking

Omission rather surprising if we think that the multi-tasking in Windows Mobile and was present even in this case is quite useful for business use of your phone. The multi-tasking allows applications to continue running in the background with the ability to switch between them while using the phone. The switch from one application to another in Windows Phone 7, requires you to pass from the home screen and launch a single application. Microsoft has provided multi-tasking phone only a few native applications such as email and the browser, then there is the potential for a full implementation of all the features of the phone.

Exploitation and transfer of multimedia content

The service of Microsoft Zune Pass gives you access to numerous streaming content, but the media player is not the best for the use thereof. You can not play audio in landscape format, a feature unusual in that many terminals have WP7 kickstand for use in wide format. The video version of landscape, however, appear good. The file transfer to be another negative point: you need the Zune software. You can not use WiFi, the file must be manually transferred from phone to computer. There is also no support for USB storage.

Notices / Synchronization

When  receive messages, the phone will beep and alert us via the screen in each hub, but there is a notification system more clear and compelling, like a bar that gathers all the elements to which we must pay attention. The synchronization of mail also appears to have some problems: sometimes it works perfectly, sometimes it is necessary to manually update your email account to verify the exact number of unread mails. Also the hub linked to the “Contacts” appears to show updates and then, once opened, it shows elements read.

Integration “social”

As we have seen WP7 integrates Facebook into its OS, namely the Hub of contacts. This is a very nice feature in an immediate way to interact with all our friends and it is certainly commendable. What is missing is the real native support for other forms of social networking: we talk about native apps for Twitter, LinkedIn, or IM Foursquare included directly in the phone. Obviously, the Marketplace offers applications that can download and use, but it would be useful to integrate them into all hub “social”.

Search Marketplace

Windows Marketplace Phone integrates music and applications into a single repository. Although it is convenient to search out everything through a single application, the search system is not well structured. There are no filters or specific search criteria to help us extricate from the many useful results shown.

Lack of maturity

Windows Phone 7 is stylish, has great potential, and impact, but it is certainly not very mature. The feeling of being in front of a platform is not mature is strong from the first use, although I am sure that future updates will bring significant improvements. Perhaps Microsoft would launch a more complete product to compete with the mobile OS market, but it can still be recovered at large.

As always, each platform has negative aspects as well as positive ones. Most of the negative aspects will be filled with the next updates, and then personally promote Windows Phone 7 fast, smoot – ih, sleek and elegant.

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