Windows Phone 7 series theme for SPB Mobile Shell 3.5.3

Contains the following:
+ All new layout with invisible buttons at top of Home Hubs for Carousel (top left) and menu (top right).
+ Links on right side of Home Hub 1 to main functions (top button to sound profile, middle invisible button to connections profile and bottom invisible button to task manager) which can easily be changed if desired.
+ 2 Home Hubs (slide up and down to scroll between them) which you can populate with a selection of panels or make up your own.
+ Panels are mostly made up of shortcuts and custom shortcut skins so easy to change images or look (if desired).
+ New menu bars in mobile shell screens.
+ All Screens fully set up for LandScape mode.
+ Lots more that I cant think of right now. Find out for yourself


QVGA: Link 1, Link 2
WQVGA: Link 1, Link 2
VGA: Link 1, Link 2
WVGA: 4Shared (20100326), RapidShare (20100326)

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