Windows Phone 7 ROM build 7.0.7004.0 for HTC HD2


  • Your sdcard will be formatted in a special way on first boot (backup or get a second card first!!)
  • To get back to Windows Mobile, simply install any WM rom via hspl (magldr and WP7 will be overwritten).
  • The rom is highly dependent on sequential read-speed of your SD-card (i had best experience with SanDisk Class 4).


  • Startmenu/tile icons reworked (slight shadow)
  • Some htc apps cooked in (hub, stocks, sound enh., converter)
  • adc enabled (auto data conn. setup, no htc connection setup needed)
  • Identifies as hd7 for marketplace access
  • Registry optimized and ready to use
  • Developer unlocked
  • Reg key to prevent re-lock
  • Max number of unsigned apps
  • Camera shutter sound disabled when master volume 0
  • Never option in lockscreen timeout settings
  • 3g toggle
  • 11n wifi enabled
  • Hidden option in ease of access settings enabled
  • Default IE search engine is Google
  • Iinternet Explorer favorites added
  • Camera settings languages fixed

Requirements: 1. WM6.5 ROM (if you come from Android nand directly, WP7 might not boot) 2. Hard SPL 2.08 3. Radio 2.15 (576MB ram compatible) 4. Magldr 1.12/1.13 5. SDcard needs to be in device Windows Phone 7 version info: 7.0.7004.0 OEM version: 2250.09.07401.605 ROM / Keyboard Languages: English, German, French , Italian, Spanish Download

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