Windows Phone 7 is complete fail?

No file system access:
No file system access means

a) you can not use it as USB thumb drive
b) you can not share files with different computers
c) there is no file downloads from web and no useful ftp clients and similar apps because they are useless without fsa
d) you can not open files with different apps unless maybe you email them to yourself, which is complicated but is the common way to get files on iPhones and it will also be like that crap on Windows Phone 7

No SD cards
We don’t have to explain why that sucks. Terabyte SDXC cards are on the way and Windows Phone 7 buyers are stuck with built in 8-32GB. And you have no thumb drive mode and no SD card to take out and load files on it.

No copy and paste
No, you are not dreaming to live in 2007. It really is 2010 and Windows Phone 7 really has no copy&paste. Is this ridiculous or what?

No multitasking
People always talk crap like multitasking makes phones slow and makes battery life bad but really with a bit of thinking multitasking can be implemented in ways that do not have any bad effects at all and it even speeds things up because there is no loading times and of course push notifications also hurt battery life.

Plus there is lots of things that are not possible without multitasking. Say byebye to GPS tracking and stuff.

Marketplace censorship
They say it will be “objective” but everyone knows that is crap talk just look at current WM6.5 policies they are the same censorship as in Apple AppStore.

No native coding and no deep customization
Say byebye to apps that let you customize buttons or replace built in apps or let you adjust any advanced settings.
It is for sure that MS will not include all settings that users may need and there is no way users can change anything that is not in settings by default, because there is no file system or registry access for apps.

All the mentioned things make the user experience worse. Emailing everything to yourself sucks it’s complicated and it is also complicated to have quick looks at info inside apps without multitasking and much more problems because of the stupid limitations.

To us Windows Phone 7 is a complete FAIL. It can not compete to anything except for iPhone. I totally hate Apple and iPhone but I hope they kill Windows Phone 7 so that MS realize how they fucked up Windows Phone 7.

Symbian is the world leader and it is also very open, like Android and they have a new release soon, Symbian 3 with full visual multitasking (like Palm Pre) and multitouch and all that. Windows Phone 7 can not compete with that outside US and it can not compete with Android anywhere.

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