Windows Mobile 7 exlusive screenshots from

Before we jump into each individual screenshot, here’s what we do know:

1. These pictures were supposed to have been for Windows Mobile 6.5.1; we’re guessing it will get absorbed and rolled into Windows Mobile 7 as the 6.5.1 leaks aren’t anywhere near as nice as what we’re seeing.

2. The top picture shows vanilla Windows Mobile 6.5; the bottom screenshot are the re-designed Windows Mobile user interface–call it 6.5.1 or 7 or whatever you will.

3. Most importantly, what Microsoft is doing looks hot!

4. The soft keys are back in full force, and not like some of the later leaked 6.5 builds. We’re talking traditional soft keys with maybe soft menus.

5. And here’s the OMG moment. Dude, where’s my Start Button?? With Windows Mobile 6.5 getting marketing push to be called a Windows phone complete with the Windows flag logo and all, it looks like Microsoft has removed the Start menu, or at least the Windows flag logo for it!

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