Windows 95 running on HTC HD2

Wanna get a real OS on your HD2? Here it is – a fully working version of Windows 95 ready to go!

Windows 95 for HTC HD2 itself works pretty fast once the vga drivers and all components are properly installed ,there is one issue with the mouse icon, and few other glitches, but still nice and usable. Also some games works, StarCraft being one of them and its quite playable, even the intro and cd sound works (though lags a bit) it’s by no means as fast as the pocketstarcraft port, but this is the real thing, all units and BroodWar expansion on it so its quite a nice!

Links: – Еmulator main files– Windows 95 image – specially prepared version of HoMM2 (Heroes 2 game)


1. Extract QEMU_WM.7z to the root folder on your SD card.
2. Extract additional packages (Win95 or Homm2) to ’emul’ directory in QEMU folder.
3. Use qemu_launcher from QEMU folder to start selected VM.

Note: QEMU must be placed in ‘\Storage Card\QEMU\’ directory, otherwise you have to edit ‘cmdline.txt’ etc files accordingly.


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