Why the HTC HD2 likely doesn’t get an Windows Phone 7 upgrade

windows phone 7 series htc hd2 Windows Phone 7 Series running on the HTC HD2

Since the tweet from HTC Russia was released and unconfirmed again, rumors have been spreading all over the web that the Touch HD2 is getting an upgrade from HTC.  But here is Fletcher91 opinion, the HD2 isn’t getting an upgrade at all.

  1. The hardware buttons
    The newly announced operating system from Microsoft specified (but not in the chassis specifications) that every WP7 device should sport only three buttons, start, back and Bing (search). Not the 5 which can be found on the HD2.
  2. Why give something for free?
    If users want an upgrade, it’s HTC paying for it. Remember when the Touch Diamond was released? Commercials shouting about it having a graphics card, which was true, but HTC thought it was too expensive to buy a driver for it.
  3. The bootloader
    After a complete rewrite of the OS, why would the bootloader still be compatible? (If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. But the softies won’t make this mistake anymore) Since nobody has held a 7 series device without strict supervision of a Microsoft guard, there’s no way to say, but if it has been rewritten, there still could be the possibility to upgrade the firmware (XDA anyone?)
  4. Difficulty
    Not only phone addicts like me would upgrade their device, but regular users would too. Since a phone is quite a complicated device, people are likely to be confused with an all-new interface, which would be quite an overload for the HTC and the carrier support centers.

Original post by Fletcher91

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