Why smartphones are considered as the addiction of next century?


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Smartphones addiction is hovering onto the lives of its users who have boycotted a life without smartphones. Smartphones are getting into the bathrooms of their users and this is not always urgency. According to a study from the British telecom regulator Ofcom, people do take handsets to their washrooms and this addicton has changed the way they behave socially. If a recent press release on the issue is to be believed then 37% adults and 60% of teens have already admitted that they are “highly addicted” to their smartphones which is alarming. This addiction is suggestive of the fact that smartphones are on their way to becoming the cigarettes of the next century.

What’s making Smartphones Addiction Grow?

If you have been a smartphone user, it takes no rocket science to understand what it is in a smartphone that encourages its addiction. A justified answer to this will be that there is not one but many. Thanks to the several apps on the go such as Twitter, games, texting and Mail there is always something or the other in a smartphone that’s good enough to keep users busy. The repercussions of this fondness to explore smartphones features make socializing and communicating with people standing right in front, a dull event. Socializing on smartphones is electronically limited and now it’s worth asking where this is taking us to and what it means for people, society and business? Questions are many but unfortunately answers are quite a few!

Smartphones Addiction: Businesses Cash and Benefit

This partaking of the new addiction has actually boosted the productivity but at an undesired cost. 30% of the smartphone users have admitted that they are addicted to smartphones during working hours. 34% of the teenagers are using them during the mealtimes and 22% of the adult and 47% of the teenagers can’t avoid using smartphones in their bathrooms.

But thanks to all this, smartphones owners have analyzed the pulse of the upcoming generation and they are doing every bit to improve on what lures their customers. Smartphones over the last few years have undergone vast changes in terms of its functionality and features. In future, the remaining dent will be mended as there will be more innovations on what users ‘don’t like much’ in their smartphones. Users are spending more time and money on their smartphones which is a blessing for mobile operators.

Are Smartphones an Unnecessary Expense?

We may not be wasting so much money on smartphones than that spent on cigarettes but this idea still needs a review. Smartphones are overpriced and with the shocking data roaming charges and call charges it’s high time that the users should be aware of the real cost that hits their pockets in the process of desiring a smartphone. For mobile browsing, it’s not a bad value – those who stick to their limits end up spending more than they decided. However, there are a great deal of similarities between a smartphone and an evil weed. It’s dangerous than the cigarettes that get more expensive but less desirable at one point of time.

The comparison of smartphones with cigarettes can seem to be weird for some but we can’t wait for the time when it begins to beg awareness like it did with the cigarettes. The link between smartphones and cancer may still be up for the debate but the fact that smartphone addictions can lead to a premature death should not be taken for granted. Use of smartphones on streets and while driving has justified its use but this addiction for using it even when it can be avoided at times remains a concern.

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