Why iPad 2 Supersedes iPad?


Everyone was waiting for the newer version of the Apple iPad. With the original version running so well, it was expected that iPad 2 would be even better as Apple would work on the missing aspects of the original iPad.

iPad 2 was supposed to launch on 11th March and it did. So after checking it out, it certainly passes the qualifications which make it better than iPad. To start off, Apple has upgraded the processor of iPad 2. From 1 GHz A4 processor it has gone to 1GHz dual-core A5. This definitely makes the tablet run applications faster. Even when you switch on both iPad and iPad 2 at the same time, it’ll be obvious that iPad 2 will start up and open applications much faster than the original one.

Users of iPad really felt the lack of a camera, so with the newer version which was to be launched only within an year of the iPad, Apple introduced not one but two cameras with this tablet. So the iPad 2 has one frontal VGA camera and a back camera. Both these cameras can be used to make movies and take pictures. And with the iMovie application, you can even edit your movie which is a great experience and you will not be able to wait to try it out. Now you can also share cool pictures taken from your iPad 2 with your family and friends. So this cool feature is undeniable an added advantage. For all the gaming lovers, the graphics are greatly improved and have become faster. They are also aided with improved sound system.

As far as the aesthetics are concerned, for those who go for the great looks, iPad 2 is definitely a winner. The thing is really light and sleek. It feels much more comfortable in hands, probably because of its weight being 80 grams lighter and it has rounded edges which give it a space-age look. It is thinner than iPad and a wee bit smaller. It’s even thinner than the iPhone, so you would be amazed at how Apple was able to achieve that.

With loaded graphics, better applications and faster speed, don’t be worried about its price; because iPad and iPad 2 are available for the same price at Apple stores. Undeniably, with all these cool features, iPad 2 definitely deserves more attention than iPad.

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