Where to get your iPhone 4

When Apple announced the iPhone at WWDC, Steve Jobs said that the iPhone 4 will be available for pre-order starting on June 15th and on sale on June 24th. Users interested in the Cupertino-designed smartphone can order through Apple and local carrier partners, including AT&T in the US. The device will initially be launched in 5 countries and will progressively be made available to many more countries in the progressing summer months. Another source for iPhone 4 purchases if you don’t want to pre-order would be local Best Buy stores, which is said to have a minimum of 45 iPhone 4 devices per store according to Engadget: “A minimum of 30 units for the 32GB device and 15 of the 16GB will apparently be available at each store, and employee purchases are banned at launch.” iPhone 4 case

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