Wealthier smartphone users play less games

Angry Birds Space
Angry Birds Space


Reuters have published some interesting statistics, which came as a result from a recent research, conducted by  The Luxury Institute, about the habits of the wealthy smartphone users. There are the ones with an income of over $150 000 per year, who’s average age is 52. Employees of the research agency explain, that with age, people tend to have more and more commitments, which leave them less time to spend on things, which we generally think of as unimportant, such as games and chatting.

Despite this, even the wealthy (and elderly) smartphone users regularly use applications such as Facebook and Angry Birds, which are actually the most popular applications for 2011. Among this group of people, 45% were using Apple’s smartphones, 35% – devices, running Google’s OS and about 25% – BlackBerry’s (some of the people had more than one device). B. A.

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