WakeVoice app for Android

The app’s name is WakeVoice, it’s not yet available in the Android market, but when it does (within “the next day or so”), it may just revolutionize the way you look at your alarm.  Using Android’s speech synthesis (TTS) engine, your alarm clock can actually talk to you. It can announce customize message, the weather forecast, and even the latest news.

But it gets better… Android also supports voice recognition, and WakeVoice takes advantage of that. If you want your alarm to shut up, just say “STOP” — no word yet on whether a mumbled “just five more minutes, Mom” will work to snooze it or not.

The app is expected to come in two varieties, a “lite” version, which should be free, and a “full” or “deluxe” version (pricing has not yet been announced).

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