Vostradamus widgets for SPB Mobile Shell 3.5 (QVGA/WQVGA/VGA/WVGA)


Available colors:

– White (Default, it comes with the standard MS 3.5 installation)
– Black (added)
– Blue (added)
– Cyan (added)
– Green (added)
– Red (added)
– Yellow (added)

Skins/Widgets modded with the above new colors:

– New colored small box links
– New colored small squared status icons
– New Calendar/Tasks skin: Narrow: your productivity screen has never been so…. productive!
– New Rainbow Analog Clock (just “one” skin for this one… after all… it’s a rainbow!)
– New Modern Combo Digital Clock (full screen width, with alarms and date info, yet using less screen than the default big one)
– Alarms Widget, both layouts
– Calendar/Tasks Widget
– Link Widget (the one with the text of course)
– Weather Widget (both internal and spbWeather), simple and professional layouts
– New Wide Pro Digital Clock, similar to the “Professional” one, but center-aligned and wider (240/480 pixels) to cover the whole screen width (two different sets: date font colored only or full digits+date font colored)
– Birthdays Widget, small, large and the new “line” format (same shape/size as small current date widget)
– Current Date Widget, both layouts
– Operator Widget, all three alignment


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