Vonage Mobile – the best free calling app for Android and iPhone

Vonage Mobile voip app
Vonage Mobile calling app


Vonage is a new mobile VoIP application, which has recently arrived on the Android Market and Apple’s App Store. The app is supposed to compete with Skype and according to it’s creators, it provides 30% cheaper conversations in 50 countries, based on the per-minutes rates + free international mobile calls (device-to-device).

The first time you start up the Vonage Mobile® application, you’re going to go through a quick setup and the app is going to ask for your mobile email, country of residence and mobile number. The latter is verified in the next step with either an SMS or a phone call. After that, it’s just a matter of synching your contacts and the application is ready for use – overall it’s very easy to install.

Vonage Mobile free calling app
Vonage Mobile calling app


Vonage Mobile doesn’t limit calls to people with the app, or even to people who have a smartphone. You can call direct from Vonage Mobile to virtually any phone number on the planet. You can dial internationally without needing to activate special services with your mobile carrier. And most importantly, you can do this with the address book on your phone and your existing mobile number.

The interface of the application is also very nice – it’s divided in five sections: Contacts, Recent, Keyboard, Chats and Balance and some of them have their subsections, for instance, Contacts has three : All, Free Calls and Invite. Overall the UI is very well thought out and looks very polished.

Vonage Mobile calling app, free download
Vonage Mobile calling app


Vonage Mobile® also has a few tricks up its sleeve. First of all it uses a special high-definition audio codec, which means it’s able to provide exceptional call-quality at speeds of just 64KBps, which is very impressive. This is certainly noticeable in real life, as we also found the sound quality was very good. Another nice feature is the in-app billing, which lets you charge your Vonage account through the Android Market or Apple’s App Store, so you don’t even have to share your credit card details with the application – there are two credit packs – $4.99 and $9.99.

Overall, this is a great iPhone and Android calling app and we strongly recommend it.


Download Vonage Mobile® now and check it out on your iPhone or Android phone. Invite your family and friends so you have someone to text or call, then let us know what you think – click here for direct download to your device.

Whether your phone is connected over 4G, 3G, or Wi-Fi, your entire address book is only a tap away. Just remember that calls still use a portion of your data plan!

This post is sponsored by Vonage.

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