Verizon Offers Free Cell Phones Online

How much are you paying for a brand new phone these days? $300, $400, or more for advanced smartphones? If you think you can only afford basic flip phones, no way. Nowadays, carriers offer you the latest models at steep discount when you sign a 2-year contract. How much do you have to pay? You will be pleasantly surprise because many online dealers like Verizon offer you free cell phones online without even requiring to file a rebate claim. Yeah, in local store you are still required to cut the bar code, copy the receipt, and mail back the rebate forms within a certain period of time. By the time you find out that some documents are missing it could be too late.

Of course when you get a free phone make sure you get cheap cell phone plans too. There are several of features that you phone need or might need depending on the model or you’re calling habits. Some of us call all the time and some of us use text or emails more than others. If you don’t need data plan, don’t add it. If you do it, don’t forget to get yourself covered in case you are exceeding the data usage limit.

Some of the Verizon cell phones that are free out of pocket today including the popular LG Ally – an Android powered smartphone that includes so many advanced features like Google Map and tons of apps for free download. So get your free cell phones now from Verizon Wireless and save more!

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