uZard mobile web browser with flash support – another great solution for Windows Mobile

uZard Web P provides even more joyful web surfing functions as it provides the important mobile functions in additional to the basic features of PC browser.

Complete Support of Video and Audio
– Fully experience various UCC video on YouTube and others as well as real-  time news video such as CNN (Video formats such as Flash, Silverlight, WMV,   Etc.)
– Experience the music on Internet. (Sound formats such as MP3, AAC, WMA,   Etc.)
Real-time Multimedia File Uploading to the Web
– Upload the pictures or videos in real-time while your are surfing the Web sites   such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and others. You don’t need to tediously   search for files saved in your PC or mobile phone and send them through   MMS.
– Download sound source from a Web site and use it as the bell tone of your   mobile phone. Download the video file and view it later.
Daily Lives of You and Your Friends in Your Hand
– Easily connect to the blogs or cafe (Group) in Facebook and Twitter through   easy and quick login and writing. Now your friends in long distance are only   finger touch away.
Same UX (User Experience) as Your PC
– Same screen as you see while Web surfing on PC is provided.
The Web pages are displayed as they are originally intended without   summarization or alteration. Familiar UX helps users from the burden of   having to learn new navigation.


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