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If you have decided to buy an Apple iPad, then you must have been persuaded by the positive commercials, but wouldn’t it be nice to know also the downsides before going out and purchase this device? This article doesn’t have the intention to make you change your mind, but only to describe the iPad in such a manner that you would know all its limitations as well. If you consider that the things from below won’t have any effect on your decision, then it is even better!

iPad and iPad 2
iPad and iPad 2


First of all, we must define the iPad as a tablet computer that is multi-touched, mobile with the purpose of being iPhone’s better version. This device is very agreeable to many users as it is reliable and easy in handling.

Apart from these, iPad is quick in starting up, lasting longer than netbooks – up to 10 hours. When compared to netbooks, iPad works faster and runs an instant browse through various applications and also use them without needing to waste so much time with installing software. iPad is compatible with Netflix and iTunes delivering the entertainment that you need.

iPad 2
iPad 2


Through an iPad you can reach for a good eBook reader, especially with its features – iPad Kindle and Voice Over text-to-speech. eBook readers are provided also with the feature of two page viewing, the same way you read a physical book and not a virtually printed one.

Apart from all these, iPad is among the most stylish devices that one can find on the market nowadays. The material its cover is made of describes aluminum and not some cheap plastic. With the aluminum casing iPad not only looks more sophisticated, but it is also more durable.

Along with this elegant note of the material, another fancy stuff is conferred by the presence of touch screen. While handling it you feel like you are ion some sort of futuristic civilization building also more confidence in yourself.

Last but nor least, the screen can be flipped both horizontally and vertically, depending of course on what it is that you are watching. Regardless of the size of application you are displaying, you are offered with the best viewing angle.

Those who collect the latest gadgets will find this device a great one to add to their collection. But it is also our duty to draw attention on a few features that are definitely seen as cons in iPad manufacturing. The following limitations with iPad can be met:

* First of all no videos or flash player clips can be watched on an iPad. Those who are fan for camera, there will be some disappointment as there is no facility for camera with an iPad.
* If you want to send SMS messages or make phone calls, these features are not available on iPad devices.

iPad 2
iPad 2


As you can see to your question whether or not to buy you an iPad, the answer will be out loud and clear: YES!

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