US users prefer using their phones for Facebook

HTC One X with Facebook App
HTC One X with Facebook App


comScore have published some interesting data from a recent research on user’s social networking habits. You probably won’t be surprised to find out most people spend more time on Facebook (and social networks in general) from their mobile devices than they do from computers. The average US user spends 441 minutes (roughly 7,35 hours) a month using the mobile version of Facebook and “just” 391 minutes (~6,5 hours)on the standard version of the social network.

The same tendency is visible with Twitter, Pinterest and Foursquare as well. Such data must be placing some very serious questions before the company, just as they’re (supposedly) getting ready to publicly release their stocks on the market for the first time. Facebook doesn’t actually profit from advertisements on the mobile version of the website, so it must be quite bad for the company to see users using it more and more at the expense of the computer version. B. A.

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