[Unofficial] Details about the Nexus Prime


A few more details have leaked about the much expected Nexus Prime. The info is coming from The Droid Guy – representatives of the website have went to Verizon conference, where they have met a Samsung employee who was using a rather interesting device – yes, the Nexus Prime. The managed to talk him into showing it to them and have posted what they saw on the website.According to them, the device looks a lot like a taller,fatter (probably because of the LTE) Nexus S and has a 8MP rear-facing and a 2MP front-facing camera. It also has NFC capabilities, as well as MHL and HDMI ports (which sounds a bit pointless since they have pretty much the same function).They also confirmed that the device uses a dual-core TI processor and will launch with ICS,even though it was running 2.3.4 when they used it,because ICS isn’t quite ready yet. The device is expected to launch late October or early November.B.A.

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