UI Switcher now supports Sense UI, SPB Mobile Shell, Titanium and more

This is a very useful tool for switching between HTC Sense/TouchFLO 3D and Mobile Shell 3.5.x with a single tap of a shortcut. This beats the heck out of having to manually disable and enable them when you feel like jumping from one to the other. Well, Darkness231, from PPCGeeks, has decided to improve his script. Now, it brings more choices to the table.

The new version calls up a prompt that lets you pick between Sense/TF3D, Mobile Shell 3.5.x, Titanium, PointUI, Androkkid, or the classic Today screen. You will find multiple scripts below in CAB format for easy installation. Once installed, you will have a shortcut for quickly changing between your favorite interfaces. Expand your user experience by choosing one that fits your needs.

Different UI switchers courtesy of Darkness231:

4-in-1 switcher: TF3D/Sense, Mobile Shell, Titanium, Today screen
• Add PointUI and Androkkid to the all-in-one switcher above by replacing the “Shell TF3D Titanium Switcher.mscr” file located in the “\Program Files\TF3D Switcher” folder with the one found here.
TF3D/Sense to Mobile Shell switcher
TF3D/Sense to Titanium switcher
• Easy disabling of TF3D/Sense

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