UCWEB browser with new version 7.0

UC Browser is a popular Windows Mobile web browser that’s used by many users over in China. Like Opera Mini and Skyfire, it uses server-side rendering to help load pages faster. The new, more polished interface certainly makes for a pleasant web surfing experience. Transitional animations and smooth flick scrolling are always great features to have in a mobile browser as well.

One aspect of the browser that stands out is the amount of options found within. You can change the theme, font size, image quality, text spacing and more. There’s even a night mode that dims the interface. Pages can be displayed in an overview mode with the ability to zoom in by double tapping or they can be viewed in an adaptive mode that flows all of the content into a single column. You can set the browser to full screen mode and enable/disable scrollbars depending on your preference. There’s also a handy feature that lets you easily send the URL of the page you’re viewing to a contact via SMS.

UC Browser defaults many sites to their mobile variants and it will have trouble displaying some content on pages, so it may not be the best option for some users. If you want a browser that’s fast and you’re looking for an alternative to Skyfire or Opera Mini, this may be a good option to check out. It’s free and supports many resolutions. You can grab the CAB file directly from the UC Browser website. Android and iPhone versions are currently in development.

New in UC Browser 7.0:

• Optimized layout to provide more comfortable visual effect
• Fancier UI experience
• More scientific menu arrangement
• Considerate Help Contents to help you understand your UC Browser
• Rotate your screen as you like
• Support Flash 6 play online (only available on Symbian v3&v5, PPC 2005)
• Send downloaded files and bookmarks by Bluetooth (Symbian)
• New function Cursor Mode and Zoom Mode help revive the PC effect (Java)
• Bookmarks Top and Bottom function (Java)
• Click Dial key to enter Quick Visit, set sites mostly visited here. (Symbian)

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