UC Browser 7.4 for Windows Mobile

UC Mobile, a mobile internet service provider, recently announced the release of its mobile browser UC Browser 7.4 for Java, Symbian and Windows Mobile. The new version offers lots of improvements and new features, which make it a good alternative to other browsers such as, Opera Mini, Bolt or Skyfire. The developer of the mobile browser has improved all the UC Browser 7.2 features such as data compression to save 85% of user’s traffic charge, very good pre-fetch technology, high download speeds, built-in file manager, multi-search, save and share and night mode.

The features described above were also embedded in the new 7.4 version, but perform better now.

UC Browser 7.4 offers WAP2.0 support, which means that the browser will display more graphical elements, unlike the old WAP 1.0 which only displayed a few basic elements on webpages (text and pictures).

UC Mobile also enhanced UC Browser 7.4 performance, which is now 30% faster than the previous 7.2 version. Cursor mode is another added feature, along with My Shortcut.

While UC Browser 7.2 provided users with a “common mode” (a mode you can control the page through your keypad or navigation key), the new version offers the more smooth Cursor mode feature, which enables user to browse using only the phone’s D-pad button.

The My Shortcut feature may look familiar for Opera Mini users, as it resembles the “speed dial” feature. The “My Shortcut” will display four squares in the home screen the first time the browser is open, where users can add their favorite sites. Importing from browsing history or typing the address to add a website as favorite is also possible. Up to eight “speed dial” squares can be added for favorite sites.

Get it for free – click here.

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